Natural Alternative for Hand Sanitizer: DIY

Who doesn’t use hand sanitizer. It can be seen everywhere: hospital, restroom, car, purse, kitchen to name a few. Do you want to learn the truth about hand sanitizer and how to make your own in a natural way?

I have been away from my website lately. I have been busy at work. Today I would like to discuss one more way to decrease some chemicals in your daily life.

Few months ago while I substitute taught Consumer Science class at a Middle school, I found out that hand sanitizer doesn’t replace hand washing. It only weakened bacteria for less than 2 hours. Therefore, it should not be substituted to hand washing. You should wash hands as soon as you can. Most of us use hand sanitizer a lot. I even use it on kids while way from home even at the restaurant before eating or in the car. In my journey toward natural products, I tough about making my own hand sanitizer to use when away from home. I though about making alcohol (ethanol) based or witch hazel or Organic Raw Vinegar based hand sanitizer. However, I didn’t give it much of though. too recently, I stumbled on two FDA articles on hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap and decided to make my own finally. According to FDA some over the counter hand sanitizer claims killing MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus). MRSA is not easy to get it off using methicillin, an antibiotic. Therefore, hand sanitizer doesn’t have much power on it either. In the contrary, using too much of hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap can give resistance to some germs and even affect our hormones”FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap“. FDA. Jan. 21 2015. US Food Drug Administration. Web. March 26, 2015.<>. The active ingredient in most antibacterial soap is “Triclosan” or “Triclocarban”. At this point, there is scientific proof that these ingredients do actually kill germs. Therefore, FDA advice consumers to stay away from these over the counter products that state kill MRSA, Salmonella, flu, E. coli… “Hand Sanitizers Carry Unproven Claims to Prevent MRSA Infections“. FDA. Feb. 10, 2015. US Food Drug Administration. Web. March 26, 2015.<>. Antibacterial soap may not be any better than regular soap when it comes to cleaning hands and getting rid off germs. Therefore, why spending extra dollar to buy a product no better that regular soap but on the other hand can give resistance to germs?

Let us make our own hand sanitizer then. It is not medical proven to be effective. However, it is natural with no adverse effect on our hormones. There are many recipes out there on how to make a hand sanitizer. I like mine simple using few ingredients at a time. I would advice you if you venture on this road, to start with few ingredients in your recipe. That way, in case you have allergy reaction, you could easily trace it to the ingredients and modify your recipe.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Amber glass bottle with mist spray (4oz)

1/4 cup distilled water

10 drops of Grapefruit 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil


Wash the bottle and cover with soap and dip in boiling water for few seconds to a minute to sanitize as well as all the measurement cup that will be used. Remove from the water and let them cool on a clean towel.

Pour 1/4 cup of distilled water in the bottle.

Add 10 drops of grapefruit pure essential oil.

Close the bottle and shake to incorporate.

Star using it.


  1. Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil can be replaced by Lemon 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
  2. You might need small stainless steel funnel to poor water in the bottle. It is good to have one on hand if you will be making homemade products involving small bottles.


I have mine in the car and I use it for my kids on the road. But as soon as we get home I asked everybody to wash hand with soap.

Have you tried a Natural Hand Sanitizer recipe you would like to share with the rest of us? Please do.

Products recommended:

T.N. Dickinson’s Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz (473 ml)

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Raw — 32 fl oz

Lotus Light Pure Essential Oils: Blue Glass Bottle with Sprayer, 4 oz

Norpro 3-Piece Stainless Steel Funnel Set

Bamboo and Hemp Hand Towel-3 sets

Grapefruit 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

Grapefruit (Pink) Essential Oil. 10 ml. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. (Free Shipping)



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