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Paper Towel

Paper Towel –

How many paper towel rolls or sheets do you go through in a week?

Paper Towel is a quick towel to go to after washing hands whether at home, at work, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. It has many uses. It cleans messes and spills, wraps food… It does it all especially in a household with young kids, it seems to be an indispensable mother’s companion. Do you like to cook? Chances are it is your number one spatter cleaner you go to as well.

Whether you can cut it off completely from your house or not, it is worth searching for some natural alternatives and their advantages.


Nina’s Soap is not just about soaps made with natural and organic ingredients. It tackles and opens discussion for any natural household products worth discussing. Today, I would like us to think about how much we use paper towel in our house. Few years ago, I lived with one of my young brothers in Missouri. Together we bought paper towel rolls 12-pack every month. I couldn’t tell you how we used it but it wouldn’t last more than a month. It was our #1 to go to for every cleaning in the house from hands to the floor. Two years ago after my second child was born, I told my husband that we need to find an alternative for paper towel to cut down on that cost on our shopping list. I turned to the internet search engines to find out that I was not alone in that battle. For two years now, I stopped using paper tower altogether in my house. If I could cut of toilet paper as well that will be great but it may not by pretty. I haven’t given it a deep though yet. Has anyone tried it yet? Please do share with the rest of us.

But anyway, the truth is paper towel can be substituted with reusable cloth towel. It could be the traditional kitchen towel or choose your own.—-(continued)

DIY Paperless Towels

D I Y Paperless Towels – Nina’s Soap

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