Palm Oil- Benefits & Uses

For a lye soap to last longer and produce a creamy lather, it requires this last category of oils.

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Palm oil, Beef Tallow, and Lard fall under this category. They produce lasting creamy lather and hard bar. Coconut oil soap produces fluffy lather while palm oil & animal fat produce creamy lather. Liquid oils produce soft bars and don’t last while palm oil and animal fats produce hard lasting bars.
All three types of oils and fats when incorporated in lye soap in a certain proportions make a bar soap that is conditioning, cleansing, creamy, and lasting. Whether to use palm oil or animal fat is a matter of personal preference. I have used palm oil in my soaps in the past. I didn’t appreciate it much for, it colored my soaps orange. Keep in mind though palm oil is very rich in beta carotene which gives it its orange color. Beta carotene is also found in carrot and is known for eyesight improvement. Beta carotene is also used in anti-aging products. When making homemade facial oil, pure carrot essential oil is added. Therefore, don’t shy away from soaps made with palm oil. They can be rich in beta carotene and provide natural anti- aging properties for your skin. However, some soap makers use bleached palm oil in their soaps. Depending on your expectations of the soap you are buying, read the ingredients regarding the type of oils and fats used. At Nina’s Soap, we list all our soaps’ ingredients and in a descending order with the highest ingredients by weight listed first and the least one listed last.

To conclude, the three main functions of lye soap today are: conditioning, cleansing, and creamy lather.
The type of oils used in lye soap depends on the goal to achieve. A soap can be moisturizing if it is high in liquid oil be, or cleansing if high in coconut oil, or creamy if high in fat. For instance, our Vegan Soap and Goat Milk & Honey Soap are high in moisturizing organic olive oil but clean well. As for our Make Me Feel Special is high in moisturizing organic olive oil but is very creamy as well. Our Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Soap is very cleansing with a lot of lather without drying out skin as it is super fated and contains organic cocoa butter and goat milk. Our 100% Organic Coconut Oil-Soap is very cleansing with a lot of lather. It is suitable for laundry and dishes. It cleans greasy pan easily.
A good soap that conditions, produces creamy lather, cleans well, and lasts longer is made out of a combination of these three types of oils: liquid, solid, and fat. Our Organic Olive Oil-Soap and Organic Olive Oil & Goat milk Soap would fall under this category.

What about you? What do you value in your soap?

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