Paperless Towels: Benefits

Paperless Towels: DIY

Cost Effective

Going paperless towel is cost effective if you are a heavy user of paper towel like I was.

To switch to paperless towel, I spent a little less than $20 on Joann’s flour sack- 6 pk and a little less than $6 on Walmart flour sack-5 pk. The hemp and bamboo towels are not many in the load. Just the flour sack cut in 4 pieces would give you about 44 towels at $ 26. It is $0.59 a towel. Just wash them every 3 days to keep your supply on hand. $26 for two years of towel supplies vs. about $15 a month on paper towel which could have cost me about $360($15*24 months) and that was just for two adults. Now that with a family of four, my paper towel cost could have quadrupled. Kids do get really messy with food.

Healthy Choice

Going paperless towel could be a healthy alternative.

Sometimes, when I wipe my utensil with a paper towel at work, my inner voice wanders if wherever that paper towel is made of doesn’t leave a residue on my spoon or folk but I eat with it. There is no proof for that. However, let’s not ignore our instinct either. Sometimes it is our best advisor.

Save Trees

Going paperless towel could save some trees. There is no dough about that.

In brief, going paperless towel in your household, could save you money, be a healthy alternative, and save trees. Together, please let’s save our Planet one day at a time. It sure does make a difference in the world, in our life, in our health, and in our budget.

With all that in mind, what do you think? Please feel free to share your thought with us. We will be glad to learn from you as well.

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