Fried Chicken

Chicken legs

1-2 eggs beaten

3 tbsp. milk

1-2 cups flour




Put flour in a big bowl. Add the eggs and milk to another bowl.

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Salt and spice the chicken legs as well as the flour.

Put some chicken legs in the flour and turn to coat. Shake excess flour and dip them in the egg mixture. Return the legs to the flour bowl to coat with flour. Shake excess off.


Heat homemade lard in a cast iron pot. Add the chicken and fry at med heat until the bottom is brown. Turn to fry the upside. Fry until the liquid from the chicken runs clear.


Transfer to a dish and repeat the process until all the chicken pieces are fried.  The chicken can be kept in the oven at 350 degree F while waiting to be served and to insure that the chicken is cooked throughout.

Serve with your favorite dish.

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