Perennial Vegetables: Healthy, Sustainable, Low Cost, and low Maintenance vegetables to grow in your garden

I planted a small packet of seeds a year ago and it seems like all the seeds grew. I have been transplanting all around my garden. Some transplanted in spring, grew well.  Some of them produced seeds. One of the plant thrived in a part of my garden and alone is my go to vegetable when I need sorrel. I add to soup, salad, and stew. I sauteed Sorrel leaves with pork steak  few days ago. It is a quick sauce to add to rice for dinner without spending too much time cooking. I tried to grow spinach this spring. They grew but bolted before I can even eat it. Sorrel a perennial didn’t require any care from me at all this year. They grew a lot of leaves in spring, produced seeds in summer and started to grow a lot of leaves again now in fall. I like to grow perennial vegetables in my garden as a substitute for annuals. Perennials are slow growers but once they establish, they would keep producing. You just need to harvest them responsibly. For instance, I grow Egyptian onion in the garden and only eat the top green leaves and let the onion in the ground to keep producing. In late summer, I would harvest some bulbs to propagate and eat some. Perennials vegetables in my garden include: Japanese bunching onion, rhubarb, red vein sorrel, sorrel,Egyptian onion, potato onion, sunchokes, garlic hard and soft neck,grey shallot, and French shallot. I leave in zone 5.

I have reseeders vegetables as well. I let parsnips go to seeds last year and they reseeded. I spread the seeds in the garden as well. I planted them the first time in 2015.  I still have parsnips in the garden as of fall 2017. They produce a lot of seeds.

Turnips left in the garden 2 years ago produced seeds last year and reseeded. They came back this year and produced seeds that is now growing in the garden. I leave the root and just eat the leaves. I planted new variety this year on top of the seeds from the variety in the garden.

I have Sylvetta arugula a perennial and arugula a reseeder. But they are not established yet. I planted them this spring and they are growing well.

What perennials are you growing in your garden?

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