Sauté Sorrel with Pork Steak Slices

Sorrel is a perennial vegetable. It is good in salad, soup, and stew.

I sautéed it with pork steak  few days ago and the recipe is below. It is a quick sauce to add to rice for dinner without spending too much time cooking. I cooked the steak over the weekend, sliced it and store in the fridge.

Sorrel is a low maintenance vegetable and a good substitute for spinach.

Sauté Sorrel by Ninette

Handful of Sorrel leaves

1 cup chopped green onion

2 tbsp chopped herbs like sage.

2 Pork Steaks



Olive Oil


Start the cooking with the pork steak or prep it few days in advance.

Put on side of the steak in a pan. Salt and spice the side facing up. Sear the bottom side for few minutes on the stove.

Return the steak and salt and spice the side now facing up. Sear the bottom side. Add a little vinegar to the pan and pop in the oven at 350 degree until  the steak is done. Take the steak from the oven and let it cool. Transfer to a cutting board. Save the dripping from the pan.

Slice thin the steak with serrated knife.

Harvest sorrel, wash and cut it.

Add the dripping from the steak to a pot. Saute the onion and herbs until soft.

Add little of olive oil if there is not enough fat in the pot.

Add sorrel leaves. Salt. Cook for few minutes until soft. Add the steak slices. Cook until the liquid evaporated in the pot.

Serve on warm rice.

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