Meal Planning


I used to grocery shop weekly.

Now I shop my staples once a month. I loved it better. I  put  money  aside in case there is sale or deep discount during the week. I also put money aside for weekly purchases of bread, milk, and butter.

Shopping my staples once a month was a little difficult at first.

To start, I wrote down every meal I cook for one month. It became my meal calendar as well as it gave me an idea on the staples I used and the quantity I needed for the month.

Sometimes I didn’t even know what to cook for dinner when I am back from work. After I wrote down what I cooked for a month, I chose  14 meals for dinner and two lunches for the weekends. For weekday lunch, we eat leftovers. And for breakfast we eat porridge,  oatmeal, or cereal. From that point, I just check my meal calendar and know what I would cook in the evening.For instance, If I schedule sandwich for Sunday lunch I would plan taco for Monday evening. Then I would bake a big batch of meat on Sunday. I would use some for the sandwich and the rest for taco.

Earlier this week, I served  rice, sauté fresh tomato on top and steak aside. I cooked many batches of steaks that I broke in chunks for taco meal the following day  evening.

I like to have steaks in my freezer. It is easy to cook for dinner.

Sometimes if I buy a lot of an item on sale over the weekend, I would include it in my meal plan.

My dinner meal plan consist of  rice twice a week, potato, twice a week, pasta twice a week, sandwich, taco, and pizza once a week.

How do you plan your meals for the week? USA, LLC

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