Oat Groats vs. Oatmeal: Which one is healthier?


Last year around Thanksgiving, I purchased from Honeyville some grains like oat groats, hard red wheat, barley, and millet. I didn’t purchase the mill as I planned this year to grind the grains into meal or flour. The mill I would like to buy was expensive but I found out through my research that it is made of aluminum. 
I was little scared about the residues that would be left in the ground product and decided not the buy it. I make porridge from the oat groats, millet and barley.  This year, I am hoping to find the sale again and this time purchase oat. I would like to buy oatmeal but I just don’t know how much of the nutrients is lost after the processing.


Oat groats are hulled oat grains and sold as whole grain. They take longer to cook. Steel cut oat that is oat groats cut in pieces. Rolled oatmeal is oat groats flatten and steamed to make the cooking easy. Other derivatives follow that, like quick rolled oatmeal and more.


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According to my research not much is lost in rolled oat from oat groats. Some say that most of the nutrients are  still available in the rolled oats. Some other point out that even though these nutrients are present in the rolled oat, some of them have been destroyed by the steaming process. These nutrients are there but not useful for our body.

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Other suggested buying the oat groats and grinding it yourself. Other think this process also could raise the glycemic index for the fact that the body digest it quicker compare to cooked oat groats which the body digest slowly, thus giving you the feel of being full for a longer amount of time.


My gut just tells me that the whole grain would have all its nutrients almost intact until I am ready to cook it myself. It is pricier but I think I would try to buy it again this year for my family.

It better to include some healthy food in our diet rather than not at all. It could make a difference.


If you are wondering how I keep my grains, They stay in their original package. I got icing buckets from a grocery store’s bakery  for free. I cleaned them up and I just filled a bucket with a type of grain. I also use half gallon ball jar that from the bucket I fill up. I cook from the jar. I still have the red wheat, some barley and millet. I would like to buy oat which I am out of before I am out of millet and barley. I still need to figure out how to cook whole hard red wheat. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to share.


What type of hot cereal do you eat?

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