Pork Steak Taco and corn

Pork Steak Taco and corn by Afiavi-O. Liberman

Taco Shell–Expect adults to eat about 4 tacos each.

2 lbs Pork Steak

Diced Onion

Apple cider vinegar



Sweet Corn (Estimate 1 cup per person)

For Salsa:

1 part Diced Tomato

1/2 part Diced Onion

Chopped fresh Parsley

Few Tbsp Raw apple Cider Vinegar



Slice the steak thin using a serrated knife.

Clean your board after cutting raw meat.

Cook the steak in batches with onion, vinegar, herbs and salt until just done.

Salsa: In a bowl mix diced tomatoes, onion, parsley, salt, raw apple cider vinegar.

Cook sweet corn to serve aside. Add frozen sweet corn to a pot. Add 1-2 cups water. Bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes. Serve warm.

Warm the taco shell in the oven as directed on the package.

To serve, add the steak in the shell, top the salsa, and with cheese. Serve the sweet corn aside.



I use apple cider vinegar in cooking and raw apple cider vinegar in fresh eating.

Afraid to cut raw pork on your cutting board? Cook your steak like in this recipe instead.

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