Stocking up my pantry one year worth of staples

I have been planning this food stock up for months and yet I was not able to save up for it. In early December and end of December, I am planning on buying groceries from Walmart for the entire year.

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Unfortunately, I am not sure I would be able to meet that goal. It would save money. However, I don’t want to use more than the grocery money and any money I saved up for it. In the past, I have spent more during sales but I decided that if I would buy more of an item because of a discount, I still need to stay within my budget unless I saved up groceries money. I am doing the budget for the items I would like to buy using their current price. Any discount I get would be put away for grocery saving not increasing our purchase power like in the past. We don’t really save on groceries when we turn right back and spend the saving on grocery again.


What do you think? Do you think you save on groceries when you don’t have the cash to show for?
For instance, potato has been on sale many times this fall from $3.89 a 10 lbs bag to $1.98 for the same pound. I then bought 5 to 10 bags when on sale. That’s almost two months worth of potato. We eat 10 lbs potatoes a week. Then I wouldn’t buy potato for the following month unless it is on sale and I would use that saving to stock up on another item we use in the house to create a little by little my working food pantry. The good news is I don’t use the saving on a grocery item not on my list or we don’t eat, but rather on an item we couldn’t have afford otherwise. From now I would like to change the game a little. When it is on sale again, I would buy it and actually put the saving on the side. Or if I use it to buy more potatoes for the following month, I should take what I would have spent on potatoes the following month and put it away. That I would call, true saving on grocery bills. I could still use it to stock my pantry but I would know how much I saved.
What is your interpretation of saving on groceries?

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I would keep you posted on what my grocery haul would be. I am targeting $340 in early Dec and about the same in end December. That would be almost all my grocery money for 2 months in the row.
I would only purchase what I regularly purchase there every month. The discount would be 10-15%.
Working with limited budget, I am prioritizing higher dollar items like toilet paper, coconut oil, washing soda, borax…
Have you ever bought a year’s worth of grocery staples before? How did you proceed?

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