Stocking up on Meat

How did you spend your weekend?

I have been busy over the weekend working around the house. I did many laundry loads and decided to hang them around the house. I would discuss in another post how to save energy by giving a break to your dryer. On Sunday my in-laws brought us the reaming chicken I asked them. They raised and butchered them for us. I asked for 40 chickens and canned many of them already. They brought about 17 this time. 15 fit my deep freezer and I baked 2 last night for meals during this week. This year I stocked up in meat a lot without been limited by my freezer space.

My freezer is full. I don’t have to cane chicken this time but I set a goal to reduce my freezers to one. I have two deep freezers. One small and one medium. I keep the former for vegetables and the latter for raw meat. I would like to cane my meat and only run the medium freezer for vegetables and meat I don’t want to cane. When I buy meat in bulk, I could store in the small freezer until them are canned.

For that reason, I took 3 whole chickens out on Monday morning to thaw. After work, I baked them in the oven while I cooked dinner. I  removed the bones and stored the meat in the fridge. The bones were added to my stock pot to make bone broth. Tonight during dinner time, I would canned the chicken with the bone broth. At the same time I would bake 3 whole chickens and repeat the process. I like to cook my meat before processing it. It is easier for me to remove the bones. I can fit more in the jars to save on jars and space. This week would be a busy week for me both at work and at home.

How your week would be like?