Homemade Bone Broth

Homemade Bone Broth is easy to make and is said to be rich in calcium.

In one of my previous articles ” Stocking Up on Meat“, I mentioned that I would can my chicken in broth. I received 16 whole chickens from my in-laws a week ago. I baked them all during the week. I canned six chickens. I froze about five. We ate during the week and I still have some in the fridge. I made broth with the bones. I don’t buy broth. I make my own. It is very good for soup during cold season. And when canned it is at your reach when you need it. Also, I like to use all parts of the animal. I added the gizzard, heart and liver to the meat.  To bake the chicken, I add a cup of water to the baking pan. I saved the dripping or the liquid from the baking pan in the fridge. The fat hardened on top of a gelatinous chicken juice. I scraped the fat to a jar which I froze for my cooking and baking like cornbread. I even used it to cook pancakes over the weekend instead of butter. I sliced the gelatinous chicken juice into chunks or cubes and froze flat in Ziploc bags for gravy.

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When I am not working with a lot of meat like this week, I collect bones from the dinner table which I store in the freezer until I have enough to make broth. I keep beef and pork bones separate from chicken. I buy my meat and chicken with bone in. It saves me money and I can remove the bones myself but a lot of time I cook my meat with bone in.

Chicken bones are simmered for 24 hours and beef or pork bones for 3 days.

First, fill your stock pot with frozen bones.

Add water to cover the bones.

Add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar.

Let it stand for 1 hour.

Turn the stove on.

Bring the water to boil.

Reduce the heat to maintain a low simmering. Simmer for 24 hours for chicken bones. Simmer for 3 days for beef and pork bones.

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Pressure cane in quart jars or freeze them.

Make your own bone broth and save on bouillon and store bought broth and stock.