Herb Butter

If you grow your owns culinary herbs, it is a good idea to preserve some of them in butter or oil especially herbs that loose their flavor when dry like basil. Or just make herb butter of any herb you want.

I grow sage and winter savory. I grow many culinary herbs but these two are the ones I have an abundance of.  So I made herb butter and infused oil with each one them.

Herb Butter Recipe

Fresh sage or fresh winter savory or any herb of choice.

I didn’t mix both.

Butter at room temperature(a lot of butter is need it).

Rinse and remove stems of the herb.

Pound the leaves in a mortar and pestle. No liquid is needed. Pound until the leaves are in small pieces and release their own juice.

Transfer to a glass bowl.

Add butter.

With a spoon, stir to mix butter and the herb.

Cover and store in the fridge or freezer.

You can add  to steaks after they are out of the oven.

When sautéing onion at the beginning of cooking, herb butter can be added to the pan to infuse the herb flavor to the dish.

The leaves can be finely chopped and added to the butter but bruising them in a mortar and pestle releases the favor more into the butter.

I use a granite mortar and pestle. They are heavy. I like granite mortar and pestle as they are not porous and don’t keep food odor. They replace blender and food processor in my kitchen for at least two years now. In the process of decluttering my kitchen in fall, I tossed my old blender after I have not used it for about two years, I didn’t find the need to keep it any longer. I also donated a new food processor that was still in its unopened package that we purchased on sale  at least two ago. I kept two old food processors, a tiny  and a medium ones that I used to use in case I have a need for them. I also donated a coffee grinder I purchased to grind my spices. I just use my mortar and pestle. I have two types actually. A granite mortar and pestle and a Mexican mortar and pestle made of a larvae rock.

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