About Us

Nina’s Soap is a homemade soap business owned by Afiavi-Odjounin (Nina) Liberman and located in Ames, Iowa.

I have being making soap since 2012 when I decided to quit using body wash and household cleaning products and switch to more Eco friendly products.

I am originally from Togo, West Africa. I grew up using Marseilles Soap bar for shower and laundry. Back then, I always hand washed my clothes, showered two to three times a day. I had oily face and had acne during my teenage years. I never have cracked hands. I had cracked heels occasionally and glycerin and scrub stone worked just fine.When I moved to the USA, I started usingĀ  body wash and remarked that my skin dried out.When I moved to Iowa, my hand cracked during winter and no lotion or butter seemed to help. To make the matter worse, my two little girls have dry skin also. The youngest one has eczema.

Since I started using my soap and showering my kids with it, the cracks in my hands diminished considerably and my oldest daughter skin doesn’t dry out anymore. When she was little, her doctor recommended a special cream which I used for months. When I switched to my soap and body butter, her skin turned just fine. As for her younger sister with eczema, her skin showed a lot of improvement as well. She is still have the eczema but nowhere near as when she was an infant.

All the skin problem we face in our house made me start producing my own soap and skin products so that I could have more control over what we put on our skin. I am not making any assumption that my soaps have any skin benefit. You just have to see for yourself. My products are not FDA tested. They are all based on personal research and experience.

A little about me: I have a Master degree in Management from Togo and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University, Missouri. I am a Budget Analyst, Tax Preparer, Business Consultant, Personal Financial Planner, Real Estate Investor, Substitute Teacher, and a Soap Maker. I love teaching, learning, cooking, reading, writing, gardening, and soaping.

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