Mission Statement

Nina’s Soap is all about using natural products and the highest quality oils. What goes on our skin goes in our body through skin pores, our goal is to only use natural ingredients in our soap. Lye soap is made generally from oils, water, and sodium hydroxide. The oils and lye saponify to produce soap and glycerin. Glycerin is removed from most commercial soap and sold as a by-product. Lye soap made at home retains all its natural glycerin, a moisturizer on its own.

At Nina’s Soap, we do not use refined oils unless there is no other alternative as they could have been processed at high temperature and or with chemicals.

We only use organic extra virgin oils and unrefined oils and cold process our soaps. We believe applying minimal heat and using quality oils, our final soaps will retain most if not all the nutrient and healing properties originally present in the starting ingredients.

Nina’s Soaps do not contain artificial scent, fragrance or colorant.

Our basic ingredients include but not limited to organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, organic cocoa butter, distilled water or rain water, food grade A sodium hydroxide, raw local honey, goat milk, spices, oatmeal, whole wheat, wheat germ, herbs and flower grown in our own garden.

As a reminder, we list all our soaps’ ingredients. As most of our soaps contain milk, we encourage you to read the ingredients and proceed with caution if you are allergic to milk products , wheat, or honey. Additionally, our soaps are not tear free. Be cautious when using them on younger children.

To conclude, Nina’s Soaps are homemade in small batches, individually cut, and packaged. We process our soaps with great care and love. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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