One Year Meal Calendar

The meal Calendar would be a record of what I cook every day for one year. It would be frequently updated. I generally cook dinner every day. We eat leftovers for lunch during the week. I cook lunch and dinner during the weekends unless we have leftovers. My meal calendar can be accessed from the sidebar under “Posts Archives”.









Week 5: January 29 to 31

Mon 1-29-18: Macaroni & Pork Sausage

Tues 1-30-18: Chicken Sandwich

Wed 1-31-18: Rice with Leftover Chicken Sandwich

Week 4: January 22 to 28

Mon 1-22-18: Fried Shrimp, Fries, Fried Brats, & Squash Salad

Tues 1-23-18: Rice & Leftover Pork Sausage & Brat

Wed 1-24-18: scrambled Egg Pasta

Thurs 1-25-18: Rice & Pork Sausage Milk Gravy & Rice

Fri 1-26-18: Pork Sausage & Bean Chili with saltine

Sat 1-27-18: Sourdough Pizza with Pork Sausage topping

Sat 1-27-18: (Dinner) Egg Potato Soup

Sun 1-28-18: Rice & Leftover Chili and Boiled Eggs

Sun 1-28-18: (Dinner)  Egg  Sourdough Pizza

Week 3: January 15 to 21

(Mon) 1-15-18: Leftover food for lunch
(Mon) 1-15-18 (dinner) Spaghetti, beef short ribs roast

( Tues)1-16-18: Pork sausage and Bean Chili

(Wed) 1-17-18: Rice with Pork sausage Sauce and Hard Boiled eggs

(Thurs) 1-18-18: Spaghetti and leftover Pork Sausage Sauce

(Fri) 1-19-18: Quick low Fat Fried Rice with scrambled eggs

Sat 1-20-18: Butternut Squash salad with apple, carrot, eggs with corn bread

Sat 1-20-18:Dinner: Pork Stroganoff Spaghetti

Sun 1-21-18: Bra and Veggies sauce with rice

Sun 1-21-18: Dinner: Sourdough Pizza, with Pork sausage and eggs


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Week 2: January 8 to 14

(Mon) 1-8-18: Boiled Potatoes and eggs omelet
(Tues) 1-9-18: Rice & Pork Sausage Sauce
(Wed) 1-10-18: Macaroni, leftover Pork sausage sauce

(Thurs) 1-11-18: Leftover

(Fri) 1-12-18: (Birthday Dinner) French Fries, Fried Whole Tilapia, Fried Shrimp, ice cream, Banana Wafer Pudding
(Sat) 1-13-18: Sourdough Pizza with pizza sauce, 1-12oz pork sausage, and scramble eggs, cheese
(Sat) 1-13-18: (Dinner) Squash Soup
(Sun) 1-14-18: (lunch)Rice &  Steak Stir Fry
(Sun) 1-14-18: (dinner) Leftover
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Week 1: Monday, January 1 to Sunday January 7, 2018

(Sat) 1-6-18: Spaghetti & Pork Sausage Sauce
(Sun) 1-7-18:(Lunch) Sourdough Pizza, Popcorn

(Sun) 1-7-18:(Dinner) Rice & leftover Pork Sausage Sauce