Bathroom Natural Cleaning Products


Baking Soda  or Washing Soda


Rags (old socks, bath towels)

For socks I just asked my husband for old socks he doesn’t use. For towel, we have a bunch of old ones stored and I cut them in 2 or 4. I didn’t bother sewing the edges. They fray but I am OK with that.


I used to clean the bathroom with cleaning spray, Comet, Ajax, Bleach. Most of these products gave me runny nose right after cleaning the bathroom. Comet was the least irritating among them.

For 3 years now, I have been using natural products for my bathroom cleaning chores without any nose irritation.

I sprinkle either baking soda or washing soda in the bathtub to scrub the tub, the wall and the glass door. I also use them in the sink and the toilet bowl. I even wash the sink with lye soap. I also use it to clean the bathtub wall and door with success. Washing soda scrub better than baking soda because of its gritty texture but it becomes hard in contact of water. I used to clean my bathroom once a week.

Few months ago, I decided to make my bathroom cleaning chores a daily chores since we use lye soap for shower and it stains the tub easily when not properly rinsed right after shower.

When I wake up in the morning before my shower, I clean the bathroom. I like my bathroom better since I started cleaning it daily. It only takes about 25 minutes. Here is how I do it:


First I clean the faucet and the table with a sock using washing soda, baking soda or lye soap. I rinse the sock to wipe the table and rinse the faucet. Then, I sprinkle baking soda, washing soda or rub the sock with soap and scrub the sink and rinse it. I rinse the sock and put in a plastic bag in the bathroom until it is full to wash them at the end of the week.

I wet two rags of old bath towels with water. I drizzle vinegar on them and on the bathroom floor. I use one rag to wipe the mirror, the table, the light switch, the door knob, the bathtub glass door, and then the floor. I fold the towel in four and hold a clean side with my bare hand to wipe. I open and refold to use a clean side depending on what I wipe. Then it goes in the bag next to the sock. I grab the other towel rag folded in four and wipe the toilet water tank, the cover closed and contour of the toilet. I refold the towel and use a clean side making sure I hold a clean side as well and I lift the toilet cover to wipe it. I wipe the seat, lift the seat to wipe the other side. I fold the tower unto the side I just used and it becomes folded in height and I wipe the rim of the toilet. I then unfold the towel and put in the plastic bag. I wash my hand with soap and grab another sock from the clean bin. I keep them in one of the draws.



I sprinkle either baking soda which I like better this day or washing soda or just rub the sock on the soap and wash the tub, the wall, the door and rinse it all down with water.

My bathtub wall has mold between the tiles on the grout and cleaning the tub this way doesn’t get rid of it. I keep an old tooth brush that I use sometimes to scrub between the tiles while spraying with water. It removes the mold well. I have mold on the silicone caulk as well and it doesn’t come off not even with the brush. It is time for us to re-caulk the bathroom.The caulk is coming off at some part of the wall. I would get it done sometimes soon with my husband. The bathroom doesn’t have a fan. It does have a widow which I open once in awhile but it doesn’t help dry the bathroom.

Any advice on how to keep my bathroom dry to avoid mold?


Not every morning I have 25 minutes to spare on my bathroom. When I don’t, I just pick what part to clean. I prioritize the tub and wipe down the toilet. I can clean the sink while my kids are in the shower or sometimes during the day when I am back from work or right before bedtime. I clean inside the toilet bowl once a week with either baking soda or washing soda.

At the end of the week, I wash the dirty rags with hot water and hang them dry.

We are a family of 7 leaving in a 3 bedroom house and one and half bathroom. The half bathroom is in the basement and I need to paint it to get it ready for use. The main floor bathroom take heavy abuse and that is how I keep it clean.


How do you keep your bathroom clean? How many people use it? What cleaning products works for you?

Thank you for visiting and share your input.