Recycling Old Tights

Homemade Socks

Two weeks ago I purchased crew socks for my toddler boys. He is still wearing his infant socks but because they are short, when I pick him up to go outside, his skin is exposed to cold. I was hoping to find long socks that would prevent this. The crew socks we purchased were not long enough. His legs still show up.

Rompers & Jumpsuits

Today I went through his clothes and found one of his sisters tights they wore when they were toddlers. I laid the tight down and cut the legs off.

Baby Tight

I put them on him and they fit perfectly . They were even better than the crew socks I paid $6 for 6 pairs. I just felt like I wasted money. I would keep them until he can use them later. For now I need to find their old tights and make more long socks for him.

Homemade Baby Socks(black color) vs crew socks

As for the top part of the tight that I cut, I put on him.

Hair Band
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In the past, I cut legs off of baby and adult tights and cut into strips of bands which I use to pull  my kids’ hair and my hair up. They don’t break hair like hair bands I have purchased in the past. I don’t buy hair band anymore. They are great for our hair.

Onion storage

I have stored onions in thighs’ legs before. A tie is made after each onion. In my opinion, it doesn’t improve the storage of the onion better than just laying them flat in a box. But if you favor vertical space, then use your old tight legs to store onion you buy on sale.

Get a Free Carseat Canopy

Before you send old tight to the thrift store or throw them away, turn the legs into hair bands and socks.

How do you repurpose your old tights?