Our Policy

Thanks for choosing Nina’s Soaps’ Products. We try our best to accurately list our products ingredients. Our products are produced in an environment where milk, wheat, honey …are handled. We are not responsible if you develop any allergy reaction after using any of our products. Therefore, we strongly urge you to read our label of ingredients and proceed with caution if you are allergic to any ingredients listed below as a soap that do not contain milk could have been in contact with one that is made with milk.
We recommend our clients before using any of our soaps to first wash hand with it and wait 24 hrs before using it in the shower.
Additionally, store Nina’s Soap in a dry place and allow it to breathe. Do not store it for more than a year. As it can be stored for more than a year, we do not recommend it; for, Nina’s Soap is all natural with no preservative and contains excess oil which can go rancid after a certain period of time.
At times we use wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E) or vitamin E as preservatives. But still we advice you use our soap within a year of purchase.
When in use, do not let Nina’s Soap sit in water, it will melt and not last you long. Keep your soap dish drained.
Our clients from Iowa will be charged Iowa sales tax on their purchase.
For lost packaging during shipping, just let us know. If we cannot track it, we will resend you another product for equal or higher value.
For any other concern regarding your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our priority.
For any question regarding our products line or for custom fit products, please feel free to contact us. Follow us on our blog as well, as we frequently discuss about our products and anything else regarding healthy alternatives home products.

Please feel free to to leave us your feedback regarding any topic we discussed or regarding our products to help us improve and better serve our clients or to help a client in his or her purchasing decision. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
We hope you have great satisfaction with Nina’s Soap products.
Our Policy