L’Itoi’s Onion

L’itoi’s onion is an old variety of bunching onion. It is said to be brought in the US by Jesuit missionaries during 17th centuries. I ordered few bulbs from Native Seeds in 2015 and planted. They have been growing in my garden since. I left them in the ground year round. I have not eaten them yet as I would like to increase their number in my garden. It is said to multiply a lot and one bulb could turn into 100 bulbs in one year but that has not been the case yet in my garden. They multiplied though. I have not found the need to divide then yet. The only time I moved them was from raspberry bed to alpine strawberry bed to protect them from bunnies and deer in fall 2015. They grazed on the stalks during that summer.

1st year L’itoi’s onion in my raspberry bed, Spring 2015

They are very subtle in my garden. I rarely find them and before I know, they disappear on me. By that I mean they go dormant early in summer like if they don’t like heat. They reappear early fall. They grow fine stalks like grass but hollow in the middle like onion stalks and their stalks are short less than 6 in above the ground.

I don’t know if my climate has an impact on their growth as I live in zone 5. L’itoi’s onion is said to be a desert onion as it thrives in such climate.

So far I can said it is hardy to my zone 5. Next season, I might divide them to keep the number growing. So far, they are been doing fine in my alpine strawberries beds.

It is definitely a perennial onion to consider adding to self sustainable garden. It is maintenance free and I never water it.

Would you please share your experience with you grow it. I believe it is eaten as green onion.

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