Reduce Stress around Holidays

Do Thanksgiving and Christmas stress you out? Do you bump your credit card debts around Black Friday and Christmas?


I try my best to avoid stress around these holidays. I made some decisions that some of you might disagree with but that’s what works for me.

I don’t travel around holidays. We might visit my in-laws a month before Thanksgiving or not at all.  I am not confortable travelling around holidays when every body is traveling, roads are busy, and kids crying in their car seats.


I don’t make or take calls on holidays. I make my calls the day before.

I like to spend holidays with my husband and children.

I plan my meals ahead of time and start prepping during the week. I cook a lot and it takes long time to get the meals ready as I cook from scratch.

I don’t go shopping on Black Friday.


I don’t believe Christmas should be about exchanging gifts.  It is about celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday. When He was born, He received gifts just like any newborn this days. We all almost received gifts when we were born. When we celebrate our birthday, we receive gifts but we don’t exchange gifts. I am fine for kids receiving gifts on Christmas.

I don’t accept expensive gift on Christmas.

I give cash  in the amount I am comfortable giving.

I give cash to my children and advise them to invest it. They don’t need anymore toys. They have too many that are cluttering my basement.

When I am asked whether or not my gifts are already wrapped for Christmas, I just say I don’t have any gift to wrap. I give cash to my kids. It is simple. If they were to buy toys, They would found them cheap after Christmas but they don’t even need them. So they would invest their money.

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I don’t go in debts to buy Christmas gifts and I celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas remembering what these two holidays are all about: Be grateful for what we have and spend quality time with our love ones.

What do you do to reduce stress around holidays?

I wish you all Merry Christmas!



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