Pork Sausage Sauce

I made a sauce yesterday for spaghetti and my family loved it. Therefore, I added it to my recipe repertoire while the ingredients I used are still fresh in my memory. We would probably use the rest on plain rice tonight.

It is a simple sauce. It doesn’t require any chopping. However, you would need a bone broth. A homemade bone broth is the best. Half way through the process, you can add to the bone broth,  onion, carrot, and all the vegetable scraps you froze to make vegetable broth. You can even add some spices as well. I would not recommend canning this as spice might get stronger. Just store in half gallon jars in your fridge for your cooking.

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In case you are wondering how much all of this cost me, I purchased the pork sausage on sale at $0.77 each and the tomato puree at $ 0.82. The sauce was used as spaghetti sauce for a dinner of 7 people and will be using on rice as well.

Recipe: Pork Sausage Sauce

2- 12 oz. Pork Sausage

1-28 oz. tomato puree

3 cups homemade broth

2 tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. salt


Brown the meat.

Remove few tbsp. of excess fat.

Add the tomato puree.

Add the broth.

Add the sugar and salt.


Cover and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Serve or rice or pasta.

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